Keep it Classy on the Road: Traveling with Suits


So you’re a man on the go and need to look sharp all over the country (or world). Or maybe you’re traveling for a fun weekend getaway and want to look nice for a night out. Either way, you want to maximize space in hopes of not having to check a bag and incur costly fees, as well as keep your suits looking nice so they’re ready to go when you arrive at your destination.


Here are our 7 tips for traveling with your suits:

1. Fabric Matters
Some fabrics travel better than others. Linen, for instance, creases easily. When looking at suits to pack for your trip, lean toward wool suits. Wool is thicker and less likely to crease.

2. Ditch the Garment Bag
It may seem like a great idea, but the extra space in a garment bag allows your suits to shift around which creates extra creases. By packing your suit in a suitcase, you will prevent movement and keep your suits looking sharp. Use garment bags to store your suits when you aren’t using them to keep them in excellent condition.

3. Fold Carefully
A suitcase will decrease your chances of wrinkling, but you still need to be careful with your folds. Here is a cool tutorial for folding your suit jacket properly.

Once the jacket is folded, place the folded pants in the jacket to add extra padding.

4. Use Shoe Bags
Pack your shoes with your socks balled in them. This will help prevent them from getting crushed during travel. Slip your shoes into a soft shoe bag to prevent scuffing your shoes or damaging your clothes. Shoes can be squeezed into tight corners of your suitcase to maximize space.

5. Organize Your Accessories
If you travel often you may want to consider picking up a leather tie case for traveling, however, it is not necessary. You can pack your ties and pocket squares in ziploc bags by rolling up your ties and folding your pocket squares to prevent staining and damage.

6. Pack Minimally
The less you are trying to jam into your suitcase the better your clothes will fare. Choosing muted shirts and suits will allow you to create multiple outfits while you are traveling. 3 carefully selected shirts plus 3 suits can create 9 outfits, not just 3.

7. Waterproof Your Toiletries
Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination to find your dry cleaned suit covered in shampoo or cologne. Invest in a high quality toiletry bag to keep your suits safe from accidental spills during travel.

If you arrive at your hotel and are disappointed with the state of your clothing, hang up your shirts and jackets in the bathroom before you shower. The steam will help to release the wrinkles. When you step out of the shower, gently tug on the bottoms and sides of your clothing to smooth them out.

Use our tips to stay as sharply dressed as ever during your trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Safe travels!