5 Tips to Wear your Suit Well in the Winter

There is a chill in the air and shivers down your spine. On weekends you reach for your fleece jacket to keep you warm, but how do you keep warm while wearing your suit this winter?

Here are our 5 tips for warming up your suit:

Wear an overcoat

An overcoat is a long coat with sleeves designed to go over other clothes. A good overcoat will help make an excellent first impression and keep you warm. Buy an overcoat that is 100% wool -- the heavier the coat the longer it will last. You want the sleeves of the coat to completely cover your suit sleeves. The length should hit between your knees and ankles. Try your overcoat on with your shirt and suit jacket to ensure a good fit.


Layer Up
For those really cold days slip some thermals, or a base layer, under your shirts to keep you warm. Think long johns, polypro, silk or other tight fitting shirts which won’t alter the fit of your clothes. An extra layer can be the difference between uncomfortable shivers and relaxed warmth.


Fabric Matters
During the winter months lean towards wearing wool suits. There are two common weights of wool: worsted and tweed. A worsted wool will wear well and will keep you comfortable in a range of temperatures. A tweed suit is a classic and will definitely keep you warm. It is thick, warm and water resistant. If tweed isn’t your style, consider a herringbone suit. Herringbone is also heavy and warm, but it’s unique pattern often appeals to younger suit wearers.


Add a Hat
Hats are on trend. Add a fashionable wool hat, such as a fedora or bowler hat, to your winter wardrobe to prevent body heat from escaping. Remember to maintain proper hat etiquette. Only leave your hat on when: outdoors, at athletic events, on public transportation, in public buildings, or on elevators. Remove your hat at all other times.


Put on a Scarf
Keep your scarf simple and at least 60 inches long. Your scarf should stay loose unless outdoors facing blustery conditions. Check out our tips on pulling off a scarf.

It’s possible to look sharp AND stay warm. Avoid casual jackets and coats with your suit as they will surely clash. Be sure to wear colors and patterns that play nice together and keep everything well pressed. Soon you’ll be the talk of the town!