How to Order an Awesome Custom Suit and Make it Last


Buying a custom or bespoke suit for the first time can seem like a daunting proposition. But if you’re researching custom clothing, you’re not like most men. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Just a few pointers to ensure that your bespoke suit not only fit as well it should, but that your investment of time and money results in a suit that is as versatile and long-lasting as possible.  


First and foremost, ask yourself where you plan on wearing this suit.

Is this going to be for the office? For nights on the town or special occasions? A wedding? If you already have a good selection of suits, try a more edgy pattern or cut. If you’re still building your wardrobe, you want to keep patterns muted to get the most out of the limited number of pieces in your collection. Instead, try to make your new suit stand out with subtle details like functioning buttons, contrast stitched button holes, a funky interior lining or a ticket pocket.


Fabric, fabric, fabric!

House_of_Bespoke_Fabric_ExampleFabric selection is critical. Keep in mind that many fabrics are seasonal, so if you’re in a warm climate, keep them light. If you have a solid collection of suits already, try a heavier and richer wool flannel for the winter. Fabric selection will determine the look, feel and durability of your new investment. While blends have gotten much better recently, nothing can take the place of 100% wool. Look for thread counts in the 110-120 range. When in doubt, ask for samples to feel.


Communication is key!

Talk to your tailor about everything suit-related on your mind. Tell him what you like about your existing suits and what you don’t like. Tell them about how you plan to use the suit, specific issues with your body type and don’t be afraid to send them pictures of suits you like. The more you communicate what you’re looking for, the better your outcome will be.


It’s all about the details- in suits, as in life.

You’ve got a great fitting suit. That’s more than most men can say. Now, it’s all about the details. The idea here is not to be obvious. Keep exterior details to one or two stand-out customizations such as functioning buttons, contrast stitching or  ticket pockets. The sky is the limit, but sometimes less is more. Keep it subtle, classic and not too pronounced. This will keep your suit from being relegated to the back of the closet in a few years when the winds of fashion change.


House_of_Bespoke_Garment_BagTake care of your investment.  

Now that you’ve spent time and money and have a great fitting bespoke suit, make sure it lasts. Keep dry cleaning to an absolute minimum. Chemicals from dry cleaning can be harsh on a suit. Instead, air it out after you’ve worn it, spot clean with a damp cloth and mild soap and have it steamed and pressed instead of dry cleaned. Always hang on a high-quality suit hanger and keep it in a breathable garment bag when storing it.


Ready to get started building your custom suit? Check out our mainline suits or visit the suit lab to start from scratch. Happy Suiting!